30 March 2010

Lusty Tuesday

Hi all, it's Lusty Tuesday! (actually it's lusty every day of the week, just depends on the lust levels for today... and today it's elevated to code red ;) ) I've been lusting over this model named Jospeh Sayers, apparently he's a A&F model. Ohh.... if only you could see the lust in my eyes right now. (It would be pretty bad.) Here's a blog I found with tons of pictures of him.

I'm working out right now as I type and that's getting my blood pumping. Something else would be pumping but fortunately both of my hands are needed to type. I've been really horny lately and it's been too long since I had a lay with my Bex. Our schedule and sex drives have been mis matched.

I wonder if I can find a picture of my favorite Victoria Secret model online... in the nude. It's pretty hard to not find a nude pic of anyone online. I'm sure if I digged deep enough I could find something for even the most obscure people. Alexandra Ambrosio is sooo freakin hot, you don't even know!

 Well like I said... lusty Tuesday right? I think I'm going to let this build up so we can hump like bunnies later in the week. I have to go to work tonight and work OT. Arrgh... but hopefully that means I can throw myself into work and forget about it, at least for a little bit. The worst thing that can happen is that I'll be horny and distracted all night. :)

I think I'm getting some sort of high from the exercise and well... eye candy!

I need to calm the fuck down. :) I'll blog to you guys later.

oh P.S. does anyone get this restless or am I just a screwball?


  1. I'm horny and restless all the time. I've been that way all my life. You're not the only one, don't worry.

  2. Nothing like a good workout to get the blood pumping and juices flowing. Its the endorphines. The more you work out, the bigger your sex drive becomes. Thats why I have a yearly membership to the gym :D