27 March 2010

No more eye candy

Hi all! Finally I get 10 minutes to myself, geeze. I'm gonna make this quick, I just woke up, going to get Bex from work and then off to work again, what a life. I've been physicking myself up about going to school and learning all that I can about others to pay for it, ie grants, scholarships, tuition reimbursement and what not. My work will pay for a big part of it, but recently as last night... things were stirring at work.

Mr.V quit his job last night. :( I can't say that I was completely happy because he was a nice piece of eye candy at work. I knew that he hated working there but I'm glad at least that he was able to quit and start doing something better. I don't know if our friendship will continue, just because from personal experience, when others in the past have quit or switched jobs, they stop talking to me.... only time will tell and the ball is in his court ;)

My work is ripping apart our shift and transferring some of our best operators to the opposite shift. They are as smart and talented as the office that president Bush ran. I don't know what's going on, ever... and my possible future at that job always seems like that trash bag in the wind from American beauty.

I gotta get going because I'm running late to pick up Bex, but it was fun. Hopefully i'll have some time in the near future to actually breath. O btw... seems as some of my readers are divided about the body hair situation. :) Like I said I prefer shaved.... but I think that's an american thing...  just like circumcisions are generally a Us thing too. To each their own cocks right? :) I'll ttyl.

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  1. Oh Bobby honey, I hope your eye-candy Mr. V and you can remain friends! However, I've found myself in the same type of experience that sometimes life and friendships grow apart when there isn't the work bond there...