02 March 2010

Pants on the ground... pants on the ground

I've been busy in the sack with Bex! The last two nights my Pete has gotten lots of attention and I'm living in splendor right now. I know that it's asinine to count each and every time I have sex, but my bedposted acct is finally looking like I want it to. Here's a screen-shot of my year so far... think I'll make 200 of those squares red? I wonder too if some of those squares will be... dare I say blue? lol.

So both of the people in my life who I see regularly and who know me on levels that 'just friends' don't know me... Bex and Mr. V have both told me that I am out of touch with reality. I agree with them. I think that I stir in my own body, especially when I get bored. Today I fought off a spell of boredom when Bex was at work. Generally I watch porn, play video games, or surf the Internet (distractions really) to keep busy... but It was snowing outside and I craved to do something different. I got my digital camera, suited up and took pictures of the snow. This is my favorite shot and in my opinion the only good shot I got. (I'm no photographer so... be nice.)

I enjoyed myself more than I thought that I would have. I realized at that moment that I become a drama queen when I get bored. (Queenie as Mr.V puts it.) So my goal is to not become bored, and live in the moment. (bc generally I tend to live in my head, but living in the moment has gotten my head lots of action... :)) Bex and Mr. V also said that I need to get a therapist... lol but thats a whole other post. For now, I'm going to lounge around in my undies.

Oh btw just in case you wanted to know (bc I know you don't) I had fun in the shower today with a toy, one of my favorite thick toys. :)
To red squares, blue squares and all the squares in between! 

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  1. Ps. here's an interview with Emily from RWDC... I love her even more! http://www.afterellen.com/people/2010/3/emily-schromm-interview?page=0%2C1

    Bisexuals rock don't be jealous