28 March 2010

promiscuous girl

Last night I was at work and lucky Bex had a friend over who spent the night. (Unfortunately it's not one of those posts.) Bex and Ash (Ashley) hung out all night and chatted and whatever girls do on girls night. While at work though, my mind was occupied on a fantasy that I built up in my mind regarding my Bex. For some reason or the other I've always fantasized about Bex being with another girl or even another guy. I think it's kinky and I like it, even if in my mind I'm not involved in any way. I don't know if Bex would ever go for anything like that, but one can dream. I also kept thinking about Complicated Kittens threesome with L and PT that she wrote about a couple of days ago. The #1 thing I love about Dude's and Complicated Kitten's blogs are the amount of description and detail. Anyways (I'm babbling now) that threesome imagery was just splendid.

So work is not the same with Jamie (Mr. V) not being there. He was a good distraction to how much it sucks there. I noticed some guy staring at me through a window the other day. It's confusing as hell because its not like "hey, I'm looking at you to figure you out," or "I'm staring at you because I'm interested" or "you're weird, so I'm gonna stare at you".... I can't seem to nail down the expression. I've realized that eye contact, esp amongst men is a real important factor.... like oh my wow you can tell a lot about someone from how long they maintain eye contact.

Bex may be going to Chicago sooner than planned as her job is slow and she can afford to travel. I hope she and her friend go to Boystown, the gay district in Chicago and have a ton of fun. I've heard that it's just a blast. I'll go to Chicago some day and hopefully New York.

As far as my little planet right now, I'm doing really well. The chaos that is my work life has made me thankful for my stable life, and as I'm told by many people... "You have less problems than you think you do." I've been smiling a lot lately and it's felt good, despite the rainy weather. Oh love, I will blog to you later and enjoy the new week. :)

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