11 March 2010

Toasting, boasting, and boys

Bex and I had a good night last night. After work I picked up some strawberries, chocolate chips and champagne and planned out a night of sex and celebration. I'm not sure what we were celebrating but we toasted non the less. The night was perfect and just what we needed to feel closer, especially since I'll be working for the remainder of the week. Bex had a great orgasm (top 5 she says) thanks to my trusty cock strap. I had a pretty good one too, especially since I was all slick and wet by the time that came around.

Today it is gloomy outside but I am in good spirits. Actually I'm in a weird place right now since it is gloomy. I want to be happy but the other part of me wants to dive into writing a dark self indulgent story. I think I'll listen to old music and keep my storyline in my head.

I told Bex last night that I wanted to go tanning with Mr.V. It's something that he's in to, and he's peeked my interest. She was like "say what?!" bc I never tan, and I already have some natural coloring to my skin. Bex said "you just wanna see Jamie in his skivvies." to which I could only smile. I think I need some boy time. Most of my coworkers/guy friends hunt, fish and chew tobacco, so I can't really spend time with them bc all that stuff makes me squirm. Maybe we can be lame and hang around Barnes and Nobel bc Mr.V doesn't club and he's not old enough to bar hop.

I realized that I'm still wearing my cock ring but as a bracelet. I should probably take it off and clean it, but I'm enjoying the way it's making my wrist look. (I should wear it to work and smile to myself)

Oh boys and girls...


  1. Wow sounds like you were on form last night. Guy time is always good, even in a non sexual way. You should go spray tanning though rather than sun beds. Depending on the type you get, you have to have a shower afterwards. Thats where the perving comes in :P

    Not that I condone that of course ;D


  2. @Ryan O, Omg... Thanks for the naughty ideas ;) I agree, spray on is better, I don't wanna cook. *blushes, smiles and nods.