26 March 2010

T's and... I's?

My oh my have I been tired lately. The last couple of nights have been restless for me, (unfortunately not because they were filled with sex and debauchery.) I'm taking a sleeping pill tonight in hopes of staying asleep. Today Bex and I stayed in and watched movies all day. (I baked her a cake and we celebrated a non-existant birthday)

So life has been very routine lately and for the most part happy. I say routine in a good way although sometimes I complain about having a routine... it's good to know what to expect some days. I have noticed that the last couple of days I've let myself go... I usually watch what I eat, make sure all body hair is trimmed, T's are crossed and I's are dotted sorta thing, but lately I've just winged all of it. I finally Naired myself and I had waited waaaay to long to do so. Took care of all of that stuff and decided that the cake was going to be the last of my indulgences. Starting... Monday I'm gonna hit my gym, and hit it hard.

Speaking of body hair... I was thinking about it and I know that it's a "masculine" thing but I really don't like body hair. I mean if I must live with hair on my legs arms and pitts thats ok... (i guess.) but there's no way I'm gonna have any hair anywhere else. I like to look at all the hairless underwear models because it just looks so sexy and clean, and that's how i wanna be seen. Bex thinks that it's a little overboard but she doesn't stop me from Nairing. (I know she'd flip if I started to shave my legs, on account that she has to shave hers!)  I wonder if that is a cultural thing... is body hair perceived differently amongst other guys/gays in the world?

I'm re-reading this and thinking how much of a bore this post is, so for that I have to apologize. I've really wanted to write a post, but had not the time to do so. (and now that i do, I'm blanking.)

I want to refire my engine into looking up school stuff. I often get discouraged when I remember all the bills/debt looming over my head (I'm being overly dramatic) so I'm like... school... at a time like this... fuck it. But I know it's important, and this boy has to become something... and do something worth while.

I promise to put a smile on your face and an erection in your pocket next time ;) and ladies.... an erection in your pocket too ;) Ta Ta for now love,


  1. I'm with you regarding body hair. My preference for men is smooth. I've been with some hairy guys in my day, but I just really, really prefer slim, smooth and especially shaved all over. :-)

  2. Hair is way better! Not a rainforest of the stuff, but a nice dusting of chest hair is cool. As long as its all kept trim and neat.