08 March 2010

Walk, walk fashion baby Work it Move that bitch crazy

Hi everyone! I'm so happy that I have some time to sit down and write this blog, because I've been very busy all weekend long. Mr. V and I had planned to hang out for the weekend and whoa and behold my work decides that I have OT on Saturday. No biggie, we still made it work out. I picked up Mr. V and some bud lights (not my fav drink, but thats ok.) and we spent the night chatting, smoking and having fun. It was a little more of a get together than a party but that's ok, especially since he was meeting Bex for the first time. (I'm glad I didn't over do it on the alcohol and end up embarrassing myself.) Mr. V downed 9 beers which surprised me because he is a skinny man.

I woke up in a good mood today after staying up and chatting with Mr. V on facebook till 3. It's become somewhat of a ritual and it'll continue until either one of us gets fed up with the other.

Bex was looking all sorts of sexy this weekend. She knew exactly what to do to get my engines revved and going crazy. She put on this new makeup she got at the mall and looked flawless all day on Sunday when we went to the book store to walk around a bit. Spring time is coming and I'm soo glad because the warmer it is outside, the less clothes she has to put on. ;-)

While at Barnes and Noble the other day I looked into one of the Gay fashion/nudie magazines, I couldn't tell what kind of magazine it was. (Although I don't remember seeing any penises.)  The magazine had nothing but ads for gay services and products. (Of course there were some sexy guys in it, but nothing of substance, like a magazine for ads.) So I picked up "Details" magazine and I'm sure its geared towards gay guys. I read an interesting article about a iphone app named Grindr. It's like your personal booty call gps on your iphone. I was enthralled about being able to look at my phone and tell me how many yards away some horny willing gay guys is.  Ain't technology the greatest. I was like O-m-wow. (I don't think I would ever do that, but I can definitely fantasize.)

I've decided I want to start being a 'man' and man up to everything that I want to do and feel like needs to be done. That includes not ignoring Bex, picking up aftermyself and actually dealing with stress and not tuning out the rest of the world. I'm sick and tired of it and I think I want to go to school to study something. With that being said, I'm going to clean, probably watch some porn, take a nap and work out. (not in that order.) Ciao!


  1. Porn and napping sounds good to me! So is Mr. V hot? The phone applications sounds interesting... I might have to break down and get a newer gadget to keep up with technology and the toys ;-)


  2. Grindr is hysterical. I only bothered investing in an iPhone this week, but my mate at work has one. We're the only gays in the station anjd we mess around on his Grindr when we're quiet (obviously I dont have it myself or Jay would cut my dick off) Anyways, the other day we were looking and there was this guy who was like 10 yards away, but had no picture and the only other guy in the room was this really fit builder so me and my workmate ended up giggling at him like little school girls. Fun times. :D

  3. @Complicated Kitten: Technology and sex goes hand in hand ;) I know the first thing I did when I got my laptop was to book mark my fav porn sites :)

    @RyanO: lol, fit body builders, oh! Don't think I'd ever use it but it would be fun to go to a mall or to a book store and see who's grinding :)

  4. @Complicated Kitten Oh yeah, and Mr. V is really cute. ;)