11 April 2010

hotel rooms and gyms

Bex had a little date night with Ash last night and well they went and saw 'Date Night' without me. I'm glad that they had fun and that they've been spending more time doing girl things. Their time spent out gives me time to myself which is exactly what I need. (there was some sarcasm there because I already spend a lot of time with... well myself.)

I've been working out a lot lately (I think this is the 5th time that I type that exact sentence.) and I've noticed that I work out harder and feel more of a burn when I lift weights in front of the mirror. It must be something about watching yourself and all the muscles that move. I had always thought it was weird to have full body length mirrors but I had never put much effort into thinking about why they were there. I'm blabbing on so it's time for a change in subject.

Bex wanted to know if I thought it was a little excessive to be jerking it every day. I don't everyday but more often than not... well... To my defense some people do it 5+ times a day, all the power too them, but that... seems excessive to me. As long as I'm not chaffing anything right? Along the same subject... I have this weird habit of jerking it in hotel rooms. I think that psychologically has to do with getting comfortable in the hotel room since technically... it's not my room and these aren't my sheets. Does anyone else have those off kilter tendencies or habits? I think that there's beauty in being weird... and well I'm the most beautiful person I know... well without being creepy as well... weird + creepy = no bueno.

I took my shirt off and threw it across the room and completely missed the clothes bin. Bex said "that must be the gay in you that can't throw." After I stopped chuckling I smiled out of pure joy. (Let me get something straight before I continue... Bex was just being silly and didn't really mean that gays cant throw... they can catch and throw rather well ;) )  I smiled because it was nice to be picked on and jabbed at because we are both comfortable with my sexuality. I'm half gay, so there's a little gay in there all the time. (some people are scoffing at the word little!) I guess what I'm trying to say is that I appreciate being able to be me for once.

You guys rock for reading to this point. :-) <- that smiley is for you, so I hope you enjoy it until next time.


  1. Jerking off once a day isn't excessive. It feels good, right? And there's nothing bad about feeling good, right? So...no issue.

    As for jerking off in hotel rooms - I love doing it. I particularly enjoy jerking on a private balcony. Once I shot a load off the 14th floor to the street below. Great fun!

  2. It's like a rule to masturbate in a hotel room, right????!!!!

  3. @Dude: That is AWESOME!!!!
    @Playfully Yours: I know right!

  4. Interesting....when I read this post it says there are three comments; then when I click to read the comments it says there are zero comments, and nothing's there.

  5. I think that there is a high incidence of prostate cancer among men who are celibate as in no sex at all or very little. The prostate gets hard and needs to be milked or drained. It is there for a reason...so jerk away. Yes, hotel rooms bring out the horniness and I have had my best sexual trysts with guys in hotel rooms. Actually if you shine one of those infrared lights around in a hotel room you see lots of dry cum...don't ever use the comforter...fold it up and put it aside immediately...they do not replace them between each guest and if YOU jerk off in the room then so do ALL of the guys who sleep there and you KNOW that some of them did it on top of the comforter. Of course...you might find that exciting....