01 April 2010


ifeHi everyone! It's thursday and officially my last day of work for the week. I'm looking forward to going into work tonight because I was offered a higher paying position that I applied for. I'm so freakin excited and all my efforts are paying off. I want to go out to a restaurant to celebrate but not sure which one as of yet. Eww enough about work, lets get to the juicy stuff.

Bex is out with Ash all day today so I won't get to see her :( . It's all cool though because I think that she needs the girl time, she's always hanging around me so I think this will do her some good. I'm thinking that they will be going shopping and going downtown to a bar. Bex was so excited for me this morning when I rushed home (golden ticket in hand) and told her.

The other day Bex and I were talking about the Sonic kid who brought us our meals. He was young maybe 19 or so and he had a very cute personality. His eye caught my gf's Fendi sunglasses and they conversed about brands and so. It was interesting because both of us found interest in this stranger and his actions didn't seem to swing him either way. (btw this was a brief and fleeting moment) Bex said a little later "I'm trying to be a little more open minded about sharing you". It caught me by surprise and I didn't know where it had come from. Since she told me that I must not be shared, I hadn't thought about it. If we do ever dabble in different sexual partners though, I want it to be for mutual reasons, not for my sake.

wow, that was a chubby paragraph. So today is April fools day and so far I've been really gullible today. People on FB are changing their status updates and I'm falling for the most ridiculous ones too. I even wondered if my promotion was an April fools joke, but that would be way to cruel. And it happened on 10 pm on wed... so I think I'm safe. Oh well fuck buddies, I will get going, I have to eat breakfast and work out ;) ttyl!


  1. hmm.... promotion? HAVE FUN WITH THAT!

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