17 April 2010

♫Cuz I'm out in the club♫

Hey all!

Last night was terrific! Where do I begin? I got really really desperate for some lovin' yesterday so Bex and I had a romp around 5:00 in the afternoon. (We usually don't do it in the daytime but I really needed to get off!) (That last sentence was a little funny, we're not vampires, but yes usually night is when the horny hats come on.) We had planned to go to Scandals two weeks ago and we got dressed up in our club wear. btw... we're going again in two weeks if my paycheck accommodates it. I love it there! Anywho I'm getting off topic again. We went out for dinner, then Scandals. Bex looked fucking hott! She did her hair up, wearing high heels and a nice Kenneth Cole top that made her boobs just pop! She got checked out by a couple of chicks and a couple of guys.

I met some pretty cool guys last night. There was this 35 somethin year old drunk chick hanging outside in the smoking area. She had really nice boobs and was mere inches away from my face. We had an awesome time me and her and she left vowing to find me again. (She was really drunk!) The guys I met last night wanted me to make out with one of their friends who was by themselves. Unfortunately that guy looked too shy and not my type so I passed. (Plus I was the designated driver, so I wasn't even buzzed.) I couldn't have blamed it on the beer. There was this one girl who was making out with EVERYONE! I wouldn't have minded making out with her and then running to the bathroom and washing my mouth out. ;)

As you can tell, last night was INCREDIBLE! If only a certain friend of mine would go to the club with me. (You know who you are!!! Mr.V)

I took a half nakid thursday picture for you guys, but it's not thursday so your gonna have to wait! (It's not worth waiting for but... its a step towards nudity!) I need to be FIT in order to allow more clothes to come off. I love that shirt by the way. It's a really bad picture but It'll get a lot better.

My night with Mr. V was a bust. Actually it's supposed to be tonight (Saturday) but my work told me that I need to be on call. There goes any kind of party or activity. Maybe I'll catch him for coffee or something. All I know is that we need to hang out.

Hope to go to Scandals again and this time come back with a couple of stories to tell.... interesting ones this time.


  1. Sounds like you had a fun evening out! Hope you get to see Mr. V very soon!!

  2. oh geeezz. enough talk about the boobs.. it's grossing me out. uh yeah ANYWAYS.. romp? you're so weird. and i'm still not prepared to go to scandals.. even the name turns me off. but if you'd like to get coffee some evening then great, but you'd probably have to pay for it! :) just sayinnn

  3. sounds like you guys had fun! Can't wait to see the HNT and hear more about Mr. V.