05 April 2010

girl on girl and jealousy

Hi all! So I've learned from two different experiences, not to mix beer and hard liquor. This boy's got to keep it in control from now on. Tonight I start wearing the big boy britches and start "managing" or at least start my training. This weekend went by way too fast.

Ok, now for TMI- in general before going to sleep to relax I jerk off looking at porn or playing whatever erotic image in my mind to get off. It relaxes me and ensures I fall asleep in two minutes or less. Any who 2 times out of 3 I'm watching gay porn (because I find that most straight porn is boring... we've talked about this.) Last night I decided to swing things the other way. I surfed the internet for some girl on girl action. After stumbling upon some nude photos of pretty models, my eyes started to get really heavy. So I turned off the computer and fantasized about two sexy vixens on my bed. In no time I was cumming and It was so strong it surprised me. I think I've been overlooking that subset of porn. Like I said... TMI but I warned you.

I was thinking about sex drives this morning. I'm horny all the time, but I'm not always in the mood to do the whole sex thing. I know that Bex and I have different sex drives, moods and wants when it comes to sex. It's always great when we can line that up and it turns out into a great night of sex. The other times well... eh.

I get mistaken for being gay a lot. One of my coworkers who btw was jealous because I got the job and not him, said "Hey, don't get all pissed off at me, but everyone thought you were gay when you started working here." All I could say was... "yeah I get that a lot." and I laughed because what else can you say. I don't really care because it's definitely not an insult at all. I can agree that there are some non-masculine/ effeminate qualities about me, but big deal. I'm still gonna be the nicest guy you'll ever know, so consider yourself lucky that I'm in your life. :) that's my pep talk for right now. :)

Oh friends, lovers and readers... I'm gonna get going, I have to hit the showers and maybe take a stroll outside. It's beautiful outside, I hope they open the pool soon. ttyl and take care.

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  1. your eyes got heavy while looking at girl on girl porn because it's.. BORING!!