04 April 2010

Bobby take two

This is my second attempt at a blog (The first one I wrote was badly written because I was loopy, then I got drunk again for no reason) So I had a little get together that inadvertently became a party so to speak. I had planned to get really buzzed but fun took over and the shots ended up making everything a lot more fun and after a while... blurry. This was my final hurrah for now since I have to concentrate on getting everything at work down.

With the partying, celebratory goodies at work and general pigging out, I've really got to hit the gym. Tomorrow I'm going to go the gym and do some exercise. I wanna be the hard bodied professional from my fantasies. :)

Last night during my drunken stupor I ended up coming out to my friends that I worked with years ago. We were all pretty good friends, and I knew that they wouldn't care anyhow. One of them was like, "cool" and the other said "I could have told you that." I imagine that's what Ricky Martin feels like. We went outside and smoked and chatted about this, that and the other. One of the main questions I always get is "Does Bex know?" I couldn't imagine not disclosing that with your significant other. That would be insane. When I got back inside I realized that everyone in the room knew that I was bi, and that made me happy because it totally didn't matter whatsoever.

I'm gonna unwind some more now and spend some time with my girl. I'll blog to you later ;)

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