25 April 2010

facts and figures

Last night was filled with interest, sex, and overindulgence to say the least. I got to leave work early because we were slow and I only had two people to manage, so I figured that they could manage themselves. Two hours after I got into work I was clocking out and heading home. Bex had already promised me sex if I came home early so you can imagine my need to leave work. I got what I was promised ;) I'm not gonna bore you with the details but it was totally worth the lost work hours.

I grabbed a 12pack on the way home for afterwards and I drank a little (bc it had been a while). The girl who checked me out at the counter seemed soo familiar. I don't know in actuality if we had ever met, but the feeling of having seen her before was just really bizarre. We carried on a nice conversation about birthdays, cops and licenses and parted ways. I realized then that many people (excluding her) do not know how to carry on a conversation. I think it should be sanctioned by the government to take Carrying Conversations 101 in school. Maybe she digged me, or maybe its because we were the same age. Whatever I'm reading too much into it.

I had a very long, interesting conversation with Mr. V last night. As usual we make plans to spend time together, I hit on him, he decrees that he's ugly, what have you. Well last night we got onto my favorite topic which is my bisexuality and his not understanding bisexual men. This is the point where I round the bases with some facts, some lecture and blah blah blah, but for our sake, I'm gonna skip it. Anywho he asked me if I thought that my liking of men and women was 50/50.  Without a doubt I can say that no it's not always 50/50. Some days it's 80/20, some days its 60/40 and visa versa.

I know I'm going on and on so here's a picture to tide you over. I never understood this picture, are they supposed to be running towards a lake or river? Field orgy maybe?

I think that sexuality and attraction fluctuates on a moments notice, and it also depends on the situation, people, mood etc. It's like your favorite color. I have a fav color but the answer seems to switch depending on what I feel like... I like blue, green, some shades of yellow.... but never purple, pink or red. Sexually I like young guys, girls, some older women, but never older men, and I'm talking about Michael Douglas/Kevin Spacy status. The oldest I could ever go is Bradley Cooper and he's 35! So I'm not that into older guys. Actually Ewan McGregor is 39, but he's seems young. I guess thats all that really matters right?

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