22 April 2010

My HNT virginity

Good mornin everyone! (Actually it's 1:00 pm here so good afternoon!) Today is Thursday and you know what that means! This is my first attempt at HNT and hopefully not my last. Took this picture last week after a nice hot shower, I'm hoping that Bex can help me take better pictures with my digital camera for the next HNT's.

I spent an obscene amount of money yesterday, but like with most things I can find a reason to spend it. We stopped by sunglass hut yesterday and I ended up buying the Versace sunglasses I wanted. It's Bex's early birthday present to me. I also dropped some more money at Gap yesterday for some clothes that made me look smoking hot. I stepped outside my comfort zone of black, gray and brown clothes to incorporate some color into my wardrobe. I bought a red gap tee and a nice utility shirt to wear whenever we see her parents in Vegas.

Speaking of Vegas! It's April 22nd already! My bday will be in about two weeks and Vegas in 3! I'm really excited and don't plan to be sober the entire time, unless of course when we are around Bex's parents. (That would be bad!) May 9th I will be going to a party at club scandals for a drag king named Gavin. It sounds like tons of fun and there will be a drink special that night called "Jock strap shots". Yumm my mouth is already watering. (Don't know if its because of the name or the actual alcohol in the drink!) Jock strap boys are always so cute ;)

The other day Mr.V commented on my FB that he did not see one once of heterosexuality in me. All I could do is laugh! I don't have to prove anything to anyone. Plus I'm bi, so I can get away with anything! (technically since I don't exist ;) ) So what, I like to shop and I know my designers... I do what makes me happy.

I'm way to excited this afternoon! I'm gonna go clean up and do my chores and maybe find something to jerk it to! I'll ttyl ;)

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  1. congrats on your first HNT outing. I think this is the start to a yummy set of photos yet to come!