26 April 2010

Everyone's talking about...

Ok, so this is what yesterdays blog should have been. Quite frankly that last blog was a little bit of a snooze. Last night Bex and I had sex for the second night in a row. I'm hoping that tonight will make night number three, but I'm pushing my luck. She said that the orgasm last night was top 3, if not number 1 (I think that there's been too many to actually tell.) Actually she let out a moan that made me paranoid that my neighbors would hear, especially since it was 1:00 am. (Oh I hope that nobody can hear us!)

I've decided that I like cum. More specifically I like my cum. Last night I ended up getting off on Bex and eating it all up. I don't know if it was the cum, the orgasm or the light beer buzz but I felt really euphoric afterwards. It's one of my favorite things to do now.

I spent my day (Sunday) working with Bex to decorate our bedroom. She had an old Vogue and I set out to make a new art project. I like it, it's like a pictorial representation of  my blog. Today we went shopping yet again. I think that we've spent around $500 or more total within the last couple of weeks. I think we're ready to stop shopping now (we've been saying that since two weeks ago.) and I think we'll actually stop.

We discovered yesterday that the Mirage in Vegas has a bar/club named REVOLUTION Lounge that has an event called Closet Sundays: For boys who like boys and their girlfriends. It actually looks like a lot of fun so I'm hoping to go. Speaking of closets and clubs... I've been trying to work over Mr.V so he'll join me for a night of Scandals. Hopefully he'll give in and we can enjoy ourselves ;)

 Me in the Old navy dressing room waiting for Bex.

Vegas is mere weeks away! I can't wait and it's driving me crazy! ugh I gotta go, I have to see if I can get lucky ;) blog to ya later!

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