07 April 2010

guess who's preggers?!!!

made you look, This post is a little different but I NEED to rant.

Just read an article about the cost of having children. My wallet started to hyperventilate so I stopped reading and affirmed to myself why I don't ever want to have children. It's cause arguments between Bex and I because I'm firm on my beliefs when it comes to not having children, and well .... she's flim flammy but certain that she wants one eventually. Unfortunately there is no compromising, you can't have half a child.

Is it selfish of me to want to spend the time, money and resources I have on myself and our relationship? I work great with children, I could be a mentor, school teacher, favorite uncle, what have you but... father... argh. I see it from both sides because it's selfish to want those things, but I also think that it's selfish to have a child because you want one. There are no guaranteed things in life and if you can't guarantee that the child will always be provided for... then you shouldn't have one. I guess my approach to children is quite negative because I always say... "the road to hell is paved with good intentions." It seems to be the underlying theme when I think of all the damaged people floating around here who were children once themselves.

I get asked if when I'm 40 I'll feel like I missed out on something because I never had kids... when I'm 40 I want to be able to travel the world, or see what's out there like I want to do now. Somehow I see having a child as a unique and beautiful experience, but a total hinderer on my life goals. I dunno. Is this because i'm 22 or is this because I have "negative" views on the subject? I'd make for a good father... but... is that what I really want?


  1. um, ew. do not have kids. if you want to loose the little amount of sleep you do have for a year or more, go ahead. if you want to age 5x faster over the added stress, go ahead. if you want to drain your bank account, go ahead. other wise, i wouldn't have a child.

  2. Having kids is a big decision and major life change. This isn't to say there aren't wonderful things about being a parent. However, if you feel that you don't want kids now, stick to your guns. Too many people who shouldn't have had kids, and I deal with the results and it isn't pretty.
    Enjoy your life. You can always change your mind. Have fun!!!!!!