15 April 2010

Three's company

I've been enjoying three day weekends lately. I've not had to work overtime in a while and it's been pretty sweet. This upcoming weekend I plan on going back to Scandals and maybe hang out with Mr. V on Saturday. I hope it all works out, we will see tonight whether they want to ruin my life or not. So far I've had a pretty smooth transition into the position and I've not really stressed out... yet.

It's horny time again, and unfortunately I'm really horny! The last couple of days off Bex and I have just gone with out because we've not been able to sync up our sex drives. It's horrible because we both want it really bad but it just hasn't been working out! The other day while Bex was at work I got so desperate as to break out my plastic boyfriend (not really plastic) and have my fun with him. Bex says that maybe we need to mix it up in the bedroom with toys (for me) but I don't think I'm there yet.

Bex keeps asking me things like if I'm jealous of Dude's trifecta. How can you not be? I'm not jealous, but his relationship with his gf and boy toy is inspiring. It's no secret that Dude is my cock god, or ... cock father... (I'll find a term that fits.) I don't know if she's easing herself into letting me experiment or if she's just trying to figure out where I'm standing. My views... no need for jealousy, just inspiration ;)

I hope my weekend plans pan out. I'll keep you posted :) btw just bought some CK undies like this.



  1. If she is interested, don't take if for granted. Appreciate it and explore with her. You never know! I'd love for my wife to be open to my bringing someone in for me. So far she's only accepting of threesomes for her and those are all straight play.

  2. yeah we definitely didn't get to hang out >:|