18 May 2010

buzz me up!

Hi everyone I'm back! I got back into town yesterday at 5pm. I took the night off to rest and now I'm ready to blog about my Vegas trip. My trip started off on the right foot. On my flight from Chicago to Las Vegas there was a really cute hunky guy sitting in the isle seat next to mine. (I wish, actually Bex was sitting in the isle seat next to him.) This guy was ripped and was one of those Adonis type guys. OMG... so needless to say I was drooling during the entire flight (and not because I dozed off every now and then.) At one point he got up to reach for something in the overhead bin. (I told Bex that she's lucky that I wasn't sitting in her seat or I would have rubbed my face up against his six pack.) (He looked like that =>)

We got to Vegas and the party started right away! I was buzzed almost the entire time, like I had planned. Saturday night I was being dragged (almost) to an all gay-gaybar. (Not that I wouldn't ever go to an all gay gaybar) Unfortunately the person doing the dragging flaked out on me at the last minute. I spent a good two hours that night walking around, getting drunk, watching hot girls dance on stage and enjoying an Asian Tina Turner lose her wig mid song.

I really enjoyed being "by myself" since I was ditched when trying to spend some guy time. So I vowed that I will do thing by myself more often, lets say Scandals anyone? I had fun, although I didn't do as much as I had planned while being there. I did however get to go to a lounge like I had planned. Bex and I didn't spend as much time together, but I did get to spend time with her friend (whom we'll call. M) M and I spent lots of time smoking, drinking and cracking each other up.

It feels great to be home again. I missed sleeping in my own bed! I'm bring some Vegas back with me though, I have tons of new drink/cocktail ideas. Vegas was fun and hopefully I'll do it again next year! I told Bex on the way back that the next trip I want to take is to the beach, in FL. If she's not up for it, then I'll go by myself. :) Oh I think I can get myself into a lot of trouble.... :)

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