28 May 2010

cherry cherry boom boom

I just had the best sex of my life! Before I get to the good stuff though, I'll draw this out a little bit. It's Friday night and the plan was to party. Party is too big of a word, a "get together" is more like it. I had planned to get together with Mr. V, but unfortunately it did not work out. Mr. V's dog got sick and getting together to drink had to sit on the back burner. (We'll make it work out some other time, maybe for coffee.) Jamie... let me know what you think ;)

Bex and I bought a mountain of liquor and beer today. We needed to stock up for Memorial Day weekend. Sunday we're getting together and meeting up with Ash, (maybe she'll spend the night ;) ). I have off for the next three nights bi the way.

So now, on to the sex! Bex and I got into a really good mood, I dunno if it was the storm outside, the alcohol pulsing through our veins, or my raging hard on, but we quickly moved into the bedroom when the sun started to set. I had once explored Bex's beautiful butt with my tongue, but tonight I really really wanted some of what Bex had. I enjoyed eating her booty out, but enjoyed it even more when she put her booty up to my face while kissing and sucking my cock. (In the past Bex hasn't liked 69ing because it takes more effort than just laying back and taking turns (I can't blame her either)) It was spectacular and loved every moment of it.

After I came, I laid on my back and noticed that my hard on was not going anywhere. My Pete was ready for more! While Bex cleaned up and showered, I jerked off and came a second time. After that I was done. Done and euphoric.

and now I'm done. What a perfect night.


  1. Awesome. I have had an orgasm again when they went to clean up....mmmm sometimes those orgasms are so powerful and hot to keep silent.

  2. oh my god.. WELL THEN.. i'm pretty sure we can get coffee tomorrow night.. thursday, sometime in the evening if you're free