02 May 2010

drunk talk

Dear Love,
I'm very boring right now. I'm going to try to liven things up for your right now because my energy level is at a 1. I need to get excited about my life right now because I have a lot going for me, but I'm exhausted. Ok, I promise I'll stop complaining right now. I'm already on vacation, I should probably tell my work, but I'm pretty much gone. I've been gone for about a week now, and my vacation is in a week from now. I hope it doesn't show.

I really need to go to the gym. ( I know I know I say that a lot. ) Maybe I can find a buddy to work out with. I'm trying to not let my mind wonder as to what I can accomplish with a "buddy".

Bex and I had sex last night after having her gf over for some drinks. Ash decided to spend the night so we had to be very quiet about the whole thing. I get really horny when I'm drunk so I kept saying all sorts of sexual innuendo and making comments that I prob should not have said. If you look at my twitter posts you'll know what I'm talking about. (sorry Mr.V.) It's not fair to say that I get horny when drinking because I'm always making comments that are absurd, buzzed, drunk or sober. I need to start biting my tongue because I keep saying things about having sex with all her friends. I'm just waiting to get bitch slapped ;)

So sex is always on my brain. Is it so bad and am I so different than any other guy? I just chalk it up to be vocal about my needs, rather than suppressing them.

I was watching this (porn) yesterday when Bex was in the shower. I was really digging it because the guys look like they are really into fucking each other up. In most of the "gay" porn I've seen, it almost always looks like two straight guys who got payed to mimic sex. These guys look like they wouldn't even mind not getting paid. ;) whatever I enjoyed it and I hope you do too.

I love 2(x)ist. I'll ttyl ;)

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