23 May 2010

a friendly afair

I worked Friday and Saturday and It felt really heavy. Omg I got too used to being on vacation. Since I got back a lot of crap went down at work, but I'm doing just fine and look forward to working and recovering ($$) from Las Vegas.
There is this security guard at work who's been really really nice to me lately. The last two days that I've worked, he has been very very friendly. On the way out the door he has been very chatty and is always really cordial. He's shorter than me, so about 5'6", has a blond crew cut and is ripped. Last night he mentioned that he was some kind of athlete UFC or similar. (I was in a rush out the door to be honest.) The whole point to this is:
I'm not used to Men being nice to me for no reason. Or friendly for that matter. So whenever I do get that, I always take it as flirting. Am I weird or do I have some kind of merit to what I'm talking about? I'm never out of my way nice to other guys, unless I think that they are cute. (Don't get me wrong, I'm a very nice guy, but my out of the way niceness usually is directed towards women.) I don't know if I'm misreading something. Mr.V knows who I'm talking about so I'll see what he says. What do you think?

There is one other guy working there that I've talked about a couple of times, but I don't remember if I nicknamed him. He's got an ass like an apple and is sooo hot. He's in his mid thirties (I think) and walks around like a rooster. The way he walks gets me all hot and bothered. Mr. V and I think he's gay, the stares and glances and all. We'll call him Mr. Blue.  He's soo freakin hot with his fit body and his mysterious silence. (I've not said one word to him, because... it wouldn't matter if I did strike up a conversation... It wouldn't go where my pants want it to go.)

I'm a lusty pervy boy right now. I need to ravage Bex tonight!

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