06 May 2010

Just the foreplay darling

Hi all!
=Act 1=
I have to start off this blog with an apology. I'm sorry that my posts lately have been very sporadic and it's been a while since I've posted something interesting. Honestly I've already checked out. Like I had said earlier, I'm letting life pass by until I can head to the airport on route to Las Vegas. Of course I won't be blogging while I'm there, just taking some incriminating photographs and boozing it up.

=Bobby Drama=
I miss the days of curiosity and well clueless-ness. I'm speaking of course of the days when I wasn't sure what I wanted out of my desires. I know now what I'm supposed to do, what I want to do and well I'm content. I'm happy that I know where I stand, where my relationship is going, how my "career" is turning out, but it all just seems so vanilla to me. Don't get me wrong... I LOVE vanilla... but where's the spice? I think I need to find me some spice to shake things up. :) Bobby ≠ hum drum (Eww talking in 3rd person is sooo lame)

=Heads up. It's porn=
Last night I was really hot in bed lying next to Bex so I surfed the internet for some porn. (Mr. V pointed out that I'm always watching porn.) ( and while I can't dispute that, I swear I'm not addicted to porn!) (I'm not!) Anyways I stumbled using Stumbleupon to this picture. I'm usually completely turned off by chest hair ( we've talked about this )... but in this occasion I couldn't stop ooogling! I wonder why?... :P

=Sex! Um Yes=
I need some head.

=Final act=
Yeah I'm trying out this weird title thing. I'm just having fun and at least I hope that it cracked a smile. Bex just called me a whore for hitting on everyone and their grandmother.... with that I'm gonna go see if I can make that "Sex! Um Yes" section happen. :P love ya!

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