20 May 2010

Pervy boy

I often wonder how dreams form in the crazy little mind of mine. I used to think that my dreams were warnings, or signs to a subconscious want that I need to fulfill, but lately my dreams have left me puzzled and amused. (Case in point my dream last night.)

Last night I dreamt about being drunk and stumbling back to my apartment after a party. Accompanying me was two of my guy friends, David and someone else (It wasn't too clear who that other person was.) We were all drunk and having a real good time. It took forever to reach my apartment. (It's funny too because I actually felt drunk in the dream.) Along the way, David starts to place his hand on my crotch. We converse about this and that, all the while hiding Davids actions from the other friend who is oblivious. I went along with everything. Pretty soon the fondling turns into pretty much jerking me off over my shorts. Then as we turn a corner to go up a stairwell... I run into my supervisor. (My real life supervisor mind you.) My buzz goes away and I pray that he didn't see David jacking me off. I say hello, he says hello and we keep going. In my mind I tell myself that I'm still on vacation and that he (my supervisor) should leave me alone.

I don't know if we ever got back to the apartment and what would have happened when we got there because I woke up after that. I think seeing my supervisor ruined my dream. I'm not going to overanalyze the dream, because after all dreams are dreams and I can't control them, but I did wake up giggling at how perverted my mind is, even when I'm asleep.

Mr. V wrote a story about me that I thought I should share. Here an excerpt from that story:

Bobby and I met through a compilation of mysterious stares and advances. Bobby would lock his eyes on me with lust spewing out. I would walk by Bobby and he would try and make sexual advances on me in the work place. I had to keep my distance because I knew if I got closer, he would attempt the inevitable. Bobby and I finally spoke and he blurted out crude, perverted statements to me in the work place. At first, I was appalled but then I realized, "Why get mad?" So I accepted Bobby's perverted ways...
 -Mr. V
he also tagged this story with: Worked together, Fate brought us together, We hooked up

:) What can I say... I'm a pervy boy.

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