31 May 2010

That boy is a monster...mamama monster

Its waay to early. I woke up half an hour ago from a night filled with alcohol. I'm still buzzing at the moment. I usually find that I'm restless on nights that I booze it up. Any who I had Ash over and we partied like there was no tomorrow. After countless shots and smoke breaks, we called it a night.

One of my friends on FB caught me and started chatting with me so I grabbed the laptop and laid in bed chatting away.  It turns out that he had a hard crush on me in HS. I didn't know, but he had a boner for me in US history! I didn't self indulge and spend too long talking about his admiration of me, but suffice it to say, I really enjoyed hearing it. WHO wouldn't right? Now that I look back HS was filled with missed opportunities to fool around and be reckless, with chicks and dudes... It's almost sickening. The most unfortunate thing about this friend of mine is that we had planned to meet up in Vegas, but it never worked out. I'll make it work next time.

Where is everyone? Surly you're not sick of me already?! Who's out there in the world reading this?!
So things I ended up saying last night bc I was drunk: A list by Bobby Derrekson
  • Bex and I have loud sex
  • I introduced myself to my neighbors downstairs as Your lousy upstairs neighbors
  • Lesbians drive suburu's
  • I love Lesbo's
  • and Jaime's my bf. (Jaime is Mr. V)
Is it bad to have crushes on everyone? Actually, let me refine that... Is it ok that I have a lot of crushes. I crush on Mr. V, Ash, M (from Vegas), Mr. Blue (from work, the one with the ass like an apple), Mr. Security guard... ugh the list goes on and on. Why do I have this infatuation/crush on people i obviously can't get with?

I'm wearing the same underwear as the picture above. I love 2xist and the 2xist models! I've been working out at the gym (Finally!) Like I've wanted to and am a couple months away from having that rock hard hardbody. I'm finding that its all too fun and easy to work out... and beneficial too. (as I'm always horny now... hornier than before at least.) I love being a man.

I love this pic and I dunno if its the way he's sitting, the oversized boots... the abs.. or what have you but I can't stop looking.

I'm swooning.

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