25 May 2010

Things I've learned from 100 posts!

This post marks the 100th post to bi.the.way! 
Looking back at my first couple of posts, I can see the growth, failures and successes of the last couple of months.

What I've learned and my blog in review:

Since my blog first started in Oct 09 I've become a lot more comfortable with myself and let my personality shine a lot more. I lost weight, an addiction to red bull, gained a new friend "Mr V" and went to my first club and gay club. I realized that I'm into younger guys, older girls and that I lust over men... like hard core. I've learned that there is no reason to be afraid of new things and situations, and that I probably shouldn't come out to everyone and their sister. (Although technically I still get drunk and come out to people.) I lost my HNT virginity, Oh! and that I have a mad obsession with Billie Joe Armstrong. I've gotten blackout drunk too, since I started... but... I'll make sure that it doesn't happen again.

My blog has 20 followers and is read in 93 countries! I've had 3,427 visits, Alaska, Idaho and Wyoming are the only states that I've never had a visit from! I can finally say that I have friends and admirers all over the world! :) Let's see what kind of trouble I can get into...

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