03 May 2010

Sexy weekend

Yesterday (Sunday) was the only day that Bex and I had to spend together. As you already know we spent most of the weekend with her friend Ash. It was nice to spend the evening together and I enjoyed the mid afternoon sex we had. ( Bex and I... thought i should clear that up. )

Bex read my last post and asked me to watch the gay porn with her. She agreed that those guys really looked like they were giving it their all. I found it a little weird that she wanted to watch it with me, but after a while I just relaxed and started to enjoy it again. We sat through the whole 27 minutes! She still finds lesbian/girl on girl porn more interesting, but I'm partial to the boy on boy.

Am I getting laid more than other guys my age? I was filling out my Bedposted.com calender out and I stopped to think about other guys my age. I know most of them are single, some have girlfriends, and some are even married... but I wonder what their sex lives look like. I have some guy friends that talk openly about their rendezvous, but more often than not I get this vibe that they are faking it all. Sadly enough I do think that I get more tail then everybody else. My bedposted account says "You're gettin' biz-ay about once a week". I've done "it" 22 times so far in 2010.

So today starts yet another work week. I'm going to go exercise and prob clean up the apt. Only 4 work days till Vegas. I can't say that I'm busting out of my pants, but I'm excited and trying to pretend like I don't care all at the same time. I hope to take a lot of pictures, but who knows if I'll get to doing that. It'll be interesting to see what Vegas looks like now that the economy has tanked. I gotta get off my butt, I'll ttyl ;)

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