12 June 2010


Went to see 'Get him to the Greek' last night. It was entertaining to say the least and I would recommend it if you like Jason Segel/Judd Apatow style movies. Personally Russell Brand gets on my nerves, although I can't help but love him and hate him at the same time.

I've found my calling everyone! Like a good nun, priest or someone on good hallucinogens I have heard my call! Last night I went to the club on what I'm sure is gonna be my only night off this weekend. I'll try not to babble on and on about how much fun I had. (bc i'm sure you already know that I did.) I received a lot of attention last night from guys and even had my butt fondled by someone who was passing behind me.  One guy told me that I look like Shia Lebouf which totally threw me through a loop. (I don't btw.) I danced with some strange obviously drunk chick, whom I gather either gay baited me or was trying to set me up with some hunky guy. (I'm not sure what her intentions were but I decided it was best to leave the dance floor after she spilled half of her drink.) Oh and I need to work on my dance skills, found out last night that I'm not as good as I thought.

Ok I'm a little off topic but I swear I'm going to segue into the whole "calling" part. The second I walked into the club I was recognized by an old friend from 10th grade. (Thats 7 years ago!) He had a lame excuse for having been at a gay club and offered it up very quickly, but I didn't care and secretly I think he's in the closet. I spent some of the night trying to catch up and have a good time with him (as much as you can in a night club.) I'll face book him later.

With all this attention, a boy can't help but feel really good. :) I wasn't being hit on by complete uggos either so I know that I must be doing something right. I know this may sound a little bit conceited but I woke up thinking about the attention and how much I fucking love it. My calling: to be Adonis. For those of us who don't know what that means, i'll explain (bc a year ago I had no clue.)
Urban Dictionary Definition
Adonis: Beautiful Greek God. Killed by a Boar. Used casually to describe a beautiful and lust worthy man.
It's completely conceited of me to aspire to be a tease and attention whore, but it'll be the best way to get what I want. I want attention, especially if its from the male persuasion, and Bex got all sorts of horny and jealous from seeing me with other women, dancing and grinding. Bex wont share me sexually, so maybe I can just have dance floor romances that end when the songs end.

I don't mean to be a cock tease and I don't mean to blow myself on this post. I've been inspired to buckle down and get that greek god body that I've always dreamed of. I may not be an Adonis in everyone's eyes, but if I am in my eyes, then I'm golden.

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