28 June 2010

blow your... own mind

I need to change my clothes. Shave my head. Give away my possessions. Eat foods I've never eaten before. Hit an SUV with an umbrella. Run over someone's foot. Pull a Britney spears. I need a lifestyle change.

So I've been talking about my dissatisfaction with life for the past couple of weeks. I'm a whiny little bitch but I figure that I'm the only one who can get the ball rolling. I spent the day yesterday wallowing around the apartment and being a shit. I'm giggly like a school girl right now (I'll explain why in a bit) and now I feel like a dumb ass for being depressed. I wasted all of yesterday with Bex because I was sad about our current life situation. What a waste. I'm gonna make it up to her by packing a picnic on our next day off and hopefully go down to a hill near by to watch the groundhogs run around.

I was horny yesterday and all day today, but again... I was depressed so I had no urge to get it up. Today I finally watched that gay porn that I had talked about the other day. (The "rough" one.) Having worked out just minutes before watching porn, I got crazy. If you were watching me in the living room, I may have looked like an animal being egged on. I grabbed the vibe and made sure the batteries inside actually worked. I jumped into the shower (since I had to shower anyways) and enjoyed myself like never before. Usually it's great, especially since I'm doing it myself, but my urge to get off was intense.  I blew my own mind. (That's why I'm all giggly and happy right now.)

My little friend Mr. V is always blogging about being so horny and needing to find a bf to get off. Well, people can be finicky and I know it's not the same thing but... I suggest you make really good friends with... yourself.

I suggest everyone reading... blow your own minds... right now. Just don't get any on the keyboard. ;)

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