25 June 2010

HNT on Friday

Ok, so I've been avoiding blogging for the last couple of days because my schedule has been full of work. Tonight is my only night off this week and I am exhausted. My plans for tonight... blog obviously... have some beers, have some pizza and to top it off... some sex with Bex.

I've been avoiding posting up some HNT pictures because my diet had taken a back seat, but I did manage to snap this shot.

I've realized that money does not make me happy. I have spent the last couple of years of my life working tirelessly to get money, and no matter how hard I work, It's never enough and I'm never happy. I'm not here to complain, I'm here to share my realization. I'm not happy with the life path that I'm on. I'm 23 and set myself up to only be happy when I get a check from my employer. This morning I went to HR and quit.
jk. I went into HR and asked for a tuition reimbursement form. I'm putting my foot down and working towards happiness, and not financial gain. I figure I'll always be broke anyways, better do something that makes me happy, something I can take pride in... and something that hopefully will bring in some $$. (It's hard to unlearn the "i gotta have money" attitude.)

I'm hoping that with my brains and hunger for creativity, that I can think of some way to express myself and make a living. I'm not gonna quit my job anytime soon, but I will use it to my advantage. I realized that my Employers #1 concern is their bottom line, so I'm not trusting my future or future happiness to them.

I'm in a good place right now. :)


  1. I swear to god, its like I have written this post!

  2. thanks guys ;) I didn't know whether or not to wear a tube sock under my undies or not... obviously i decided against it. :)