07 June 2010

look at my undies!

Everyone knows that I have a fetish/obsession with men's underwear, especially with 2xist underwear and their models. ;) Well today I went out and got me some more undies. I stopped buying the expensive stuff and instead went to target and got Evolve by 2xist... a cheaper, still awesome version of undies. These are the latest pair of undies... I think they are very cute.

I went to the gym yesterday. Nothing too exciting happened while I was there, other than getting sweaty and blowing a guy. (lol jk) It's fun (going to the gym) so I plan to make a habit of it. I realized why the gym is seen as a cruising spot now, sweaty men, the pumping of adrenaline, the release of Serotonin... and in most gyms... showers. I'm hoping to meet someone interesting to work out with, but I'm not holding my breath.

Bex is going to visit her friend M in Chicago later on in the summer, and that means that I get to have my apartment all to myself! Her trip will be the first time since we got together that we spend that much time apart. It's been... 5 years?! Thats a lot of time. I think it's good though that we have/do separate things and spend some time apart. I will miss her terribly, but I also will get the opportunity to PARTY! (Yeah, knowing me it will be hours of being online, and starring out the window with a glass full of rum.)

Any suggestions with what I should do with my time?

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