19 June 2010

Do I look gay and excited?

Ok Mr. V started to blog again and I'm super excited. It's been months since I've actually talked to or seen him in person. Apparently he's going to give up the online hookups/dating and maybe be a little bit more social? Which is a very good thing. I'm hoping I can peer pressure him into finally going to the club or at least hang out with me some time.

I stumbled upon http://www.varsitymale.com/ and I'm in love. This is my niche for gay men because all of them look like they are in their early to mid twenties (most) and are hard bodied and gorgeous. I especially like this pic. <= click there... NSFW! With sites like this I don't even have to look at video porn because the sheer beauty is enough to make me crazy! You know me, the younger the guys, the hotter I think they are... unless they're underage... then eww.

So Davey Wavey over at http://www.breaktheillusion.com/ asked yesterday on his blog if everyone thought he looked gay. I've been following him for a while now, and I must say that he posed an interesting question. My honest answer was yes, but that it wasn't a bad thing. It is just an opinion based on how he looks physically and how he holds himself. I also read an article about how gay men are generally more physically fit than their straight counterparts.

I'm never outside my own head so I wonder how people perceive me and how I hold myself. I have been told by some of my coworkers that they perceived that I was gay when they first met me. I don't know if I have them convinced otherwise with some of the things that I say. They know I'm in a relationship with Bex so... whatever. My question is can you recognize that someone is bi from how they hold themselves or look? Is there bi-dar?

I leave you with these questions and I hope you comment :) ttyl!

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