16 June 2010

Possibilites and enthusiasm

Let's have some fun, this beat is sick I wanna take a ride on your disco stick... 
I've only been able to crawl out of bed lately when Gaga is being played in the other room. Something about her music makes me want to dance, and therefore makes me want to get up and go. I love music that gets you in a good mood. I find that I blast all that pop music while doing things around the apartment and it just gets me fueled for my day. I've toned down my rock music intake by a lot because listening to it makes me want to "fuck they system" and sometimes depresses me, so I stick with the mindless bubblegum pop. ;)

Omfg I have the next two days off, which are much needed days to relax and finally get laid. It's been too long for me and I'm going INSANE! I bought Bex some new panties, I hope she wears them for me.
Bex rented Brokeback Mountain for me because I've always been curious about that movie, so maybe later I'll watch it. Apparently there's a spoof porn movie called Bareback Mountain that follows that storyline with a bunch-o-bisexuals... Maybe if I like the storyline I'll check out the porn for it. Porn is ridiculously silly, especially with all it's spoofs.

I'm stepping up my work out routine and hopefully it'll begin to show in the next couple of months. I'm the size waist that I want to be, but now I'm looking to tone up. In a perfect world I'd have a six pack and pecks like a brick wall... Knowing me and my work out ethic, I'll get close and that will be good enough. I realized last time at the night club, that I could never be one of those guys that dance around with their shirts off. Nothing against them, but it attracts to much attention. Maybe I'll just be one of those guys with the really tight shirts and a great body. I can't wait to go back!

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