09 June 2010

Promises promises

I did not work the past two days, but I do for the next two and then have off for the weekend. I must say that I'm liking my schedule as of recently. I got drunk Monday and drunk chatted Mr. V's ear off on FB. I always do feel very bad for getting drunk and hitting on people, but I think that Mr. V found it entertaining to say the least. Everyone knows I tend to have a fat mouth every time I get loopy.

Bex woke up in a very horny mood today. I woke up being fondled, which is the best way to wake up. We both had wanted to get down and dirty the night before but we never got around to doing it, so she woke up ravenous. Of course I gave her what she wanted and we had some good mid-morning sex. I fell back asleep and overslept, but it was fun and worth it!

I have a longer blog planned but I don't have time to write it all, since I overslept. I'm off to exercise and take a shower so I'll ttyl :) Ps. Here's a picture of my undies... I love them!

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  1. Yes, that does sound like a lovely way to wake up. Damn.