27 June 2010

Rough s e x

♪♫ You've got me wandering why I, I like it rough ♫♪ 
If you haven't heard that song by Lady Gaga, you must go listen right now! I've been waking up to Gaga for the last couple of days and it seems that it's the only thing that drags my ass out of bed. It puts me into the dancing, grinding, drinking mood.

So as I've said before I've been working non stop. It's get up and go for this boy and I think that it's been paying off in the physical dept. I got really horny at work yesterday after looking at one of my coworkers pass me in a hallway. She's a really sweet girl and I wanted to jump her. It was a sudden urge that made me have to sit down for a moment. I usually have those "I'm gonna fuck you" moments towards guys, and a passive "Oh you're pretty, I'm gonna give you flowers" approach to women, so... this was different.

Bex has been using "shape ups" that she got from her sister. I thought it was a crock, but I checked her ass out and I was stunned. OMG did it do something really nice for her butt and legs. Umph oh...!!! I need to find a Varsity Male website equivalent for women. Bex was using my internet browser and stumbled upon my porn collection. She was like "what's A good gay rough sex!?"  and I was like... "umm... it's porn." and she clicked on it and then was like "you know what,.... it's too early for that." I enjoyed it enough to save it... so here's a link.

I like attention, so please comment something so I know who read this blog :) ttyl guys

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