17 June 2010

young and stupid

So I'm taking a break from watching 'Brokeback Mountain' right now. I'm almost 45 minutes into the movie and so far it's interesting. I thought that this movie was going to be a sexy romp between two cowboys in the wilderness, but so far it's a little depressing. (I tried really hard to put all misconceptions and opinions of this movie behind me, before watching it.)

It's been really warm outside, with the temperature being in the mid to high 80's. Bex has been sex crazy for a week now. Luckily for me I had yesterday and today off, so we can do something about it. I had been hot and bothered for some time as well so last night we finally got some. Usually I try to run all the bases before we actually "do it", so last night I switched it up by teasing the crap out of her. I did my usual going down, playing with her naughty bits. (btw I'm toning it down for Mr.V, who no doubt is already getting sick of all the imagery.) I got her close to coming several times, driving her crazy each and every time, before giving her a really good orgasm. I came as well but I'm hoping to get some extra attention tonight, I'll see if she can do the same for me. (I hope so Bex, This means oral! :D )

So I've been beating myself up lately about the choices I've made so far being out on my own. I'm talking about financial choices, relationship decisions, that sort of stuff. I've come to realize that maybe some of them were really bad choices, and some of them could not be avoided. I'm young and stupid, not that stupid, but I need to learn from my mishaps.

I'm getting a lot of emails from people who read my blog and from this support group that I joined (to see what was up.) I keep getting commended for being honest and "robust" about my situation, especially with how young I am. It makes me smile, but at the same time I'm just trying to be me, and honest with myself. I wish that I could be public with my blog, unfortunately I have to keep things "anonymous". I think that it's awful that if my blog ever gets discovered by my employer, that I may find myself without a job. It's not like my parents don't know that I'm bi, because I tell everyone. I guess that I'm just bitching about society. Hopefully my name never gets googled.

I really hope I get some head tonight. :D


  1. ughhh grossss and actually if your work found your blog they could do NOTHING about it. as long as you aren't talking about illegal activities they can't do shit. it's your personal space and they have no right to fire you over it. NONE.

  2. Employers in "working at will" states can fire you for anything. If they think that this "behavior" or my personal life is not good for the companies image, or I piss off the wrong person, then my ass is grass. Unfortunately this happened to a blogger in the past who had a similar blog and she was a COO of a big non profit.