15 July 2010

boy girl boy girl

I'm making generalities again and lumping all men and women into a general stereotyped category, so sorry if I offend anyone. I know that people in general are capable of being anything and everything... I just wrote this on a whim and for the most part... it's raw and my thoughts are unedited.

Men in my book, have always been gorgeous creatures that are meant to be devoured! They get my blood pumping and make me feel like a crazed animal. I often think that men are like meat and evoke a feeling comparable to that of a hungry wolf. Often when I look at a guy who is toned, beautiful and young, all I see is a steak, prepared and ready to be enjoyed. I like when boys take their clothes off and walk around like they are ready to take on the world. I want a really good, close friendship with a man. I want a guy who wants it just as bad as I do and who can give it as well as he can take it. In my fantasy relationship with a man, he is someone who I can bond with, get drunk with and fulfill my animalistic urges for sex.

Women are a different story. Girls are pretty, fragile and meant to be appreciated. Women arouse different emotions within me. Women are like a dessert, you want to sit there and savor every single bite. They have beautiful hair, curvier (softer) bodies and are glamorous. I like that girls paint their fingernails, put on face make up, shave their legs, put on lip gloss, wear heels and do their hair. I like when girls have done the whole nine yards and look like they are waiting to give you a piece of their mind. With women, I want an intense emotional connection. I want a girl to love and who I can make love to. I want a girl who is pretty, can let their guard down and will always keep things interesting. I want to understand how my girls mind works and what makes her tick. I find women to be fascinating.

I wonder sometimes if someone is capable of feeling all of this within one sex. Do straight guys feel the way that I feel about men, with women? Do gay men feel the way that I feel about women, with a man? I honesty don't know. I'm finding that my thoughts seem to be bi-polar in the sense of the words bi and polar. (not bipolar as in the mental disorder.) Whatever, this was a rant of mine, and now that I'm thinking about it, not a very well worded one either.

your thoughts...???


  1. I feel the exact same way you do. I've felt that way since I was around 15. It's amazing, and you summed it up quite nicely!!

  2. As a Bi female I think you are right. I love the sensualness of a woman, soft skin and lips. Then there is that animalistic side of a man. I want a man to take me and show me what he has got.
    Nothing random about this....you hit it right on the nose.