24 July 2010

hazy day

Hi everyone. I'm going to over exaggerate it a little, but last night was the most fun that I've ever had! Bex and I had made plans to go with Ash to a street festival that they hold here ever year. We took a cab to the street festival and the drinking commenced. My entire night was filled with alcohol and the company of good friends and classy strangers.

Here are some highlights of my night:
  • I kept saying "cocks on a segway" really loud near some cops... on a segway
  • I got my ass squeezed by a really sexy girl because I said that she was goregeous. (She said something too, but I didn't catch it... I think she said "well arn't you the diva" or something to that affect?)
  • I got hit on by a queen who called me a queen... and I hit on this gay guy with really nice pants.
  • I had the longest conversation with a lesbian about how girlie girls are soo cute
  • I went to two clubs, drank in public and paid waaay too much for a Jaeger shot.
  • I learned that when I get drunk I magically know the words to hip hop songs that I don't like or listen to 
  • I painted on a communal canvas and got green paint on my arm
  • Oh and I got a free hug from a really skinny girl who was giving them out (I should probably get tested ;) ) 
What a night! Cutting loose is soo much fun and I figure that I may need to do that more often. Now that I've gotten at least a months worth of social drinking and foolishness... I just want to curl up with Bex and flip through a magazine or watch a movie.

As of tonight, I have no plans. Bex is working till midnight, not gonna go do day number 2 at the festival... I think I'd pass out. I'm gonna take it easy and hope that no pictures surface from last night ;) I'll ttyl.

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