20 July 2010

Narcissus eat your heart out

Hello friends. I've had a very weird week so far. Last night like I had said before, Bex and I went on a double date with some friends. I met my guy friends new girlfriend and we had a fun dinner that ended with two hours of jokes, laughing and obscenities. We all had a good time and hopefully it'll happen again.

I stayed up all night on Sunday chatting with Aaron from http://beautifoolchaos.blogspot.com/ . It was very interesting talking to someone from a different country on the other side of the world. I hope to have a chat with him again. Conversing with him (someone new, whom I didn't already know) made me a little aware of my bad social/conversational habits.

I realized that both in this blog and sometimes in person that I can be very dry. I remained quiet but attentive at the double date, furthermore making me realize that I am very reserved. (well reserved to put it nicely) Maybe I'm bored with my life because I've become an overly stressed dull person.

I'm also quite vain, having reviewed the conversation that I had with Aaron... 90% of it was about me, my problems..me me me me me. :) While I can't say that it's not my favorite subject... I don't want to be that punk bitch who is lame to talk to.

My next steps/ambitions... go back to just being instead of focusing on my problems and my needs. Just be and stop using the internet and alcohol to escape my current reality.

I end this sobering sappy crappy blog post with this... It's a video I cannot stop watching... I wonder why :P

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  1. Yeah, talked my ear off. :P

    I joke. It was great chatting to you, mate. :)