30 July 2010

Next steps

It's been a very dramatic couple of days. It's all been a blur too. We are doing OK right now. There are times when we talk about it, times we just want to be and times when we just sit there thinking about everything in silence. Tuesday I went into work, I'm sure that I looked like I had been crying all day. I worked all night long and decided to start working past everything. Wed, and thurs I had off work.

Bex is having trouble trusting me and believing that the good moments are actually good moments and not an act. I have issues and I'm finally resolving to work them out. I have a small list of therapist in my area and I'm gonna start making some phone calls. The worst part of everything is feeling so close and yet so far away.

The next couple of steps are gonna be difficult. I'm going to get a therapist involved, scale back my interests in men and sex with men, and start analyzing the route cause of my strong urges or how to deal with them in a healthy way. I hate trying to keep things positive and deal with the negatives about how I feel, but... the last couple of days have been draining and I'm just ready to just laugh, smile and believe that it'll all be alright.

So friends... you can close this page out and sing ♪D-r-a-m-a♪ and shake it off ;) I'm off to work again. I will blog to you later.

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  1. Bobby, that's a shame and I hope things work out well in the end. I am thinking of you and always up for a chat, alright mate. Take care.