06 July 2010


Hi all! Today is Tuesday and the last day of my 4 day weekend. I hope everyone had a fun Independence day, because I certainly did. On the 4th, Bex and I went downstairs to our neighbors house. I think it's about time I gave 'my neighbor' a name. Lets name him, Chris. So we went over to Chris's apartment. I made sure to have some beer in me, and ended up drinking almost 3 beers on an empty stomach, before even showing up. Good times were had and we ate some yummy food. There was nothing in particular that stood out about that night, but It was the funnest independence day I've ever had.

On Monday, I went out with Mr. V to starbucks and had some coffee. Actually I had a tazo passion tea lemonade, (which just tasted like lemonade.) I had fun and always do when I hang out with him. He's enjoying his new job at the airport, which is waay better than the shit job he used to do. Hopefully we can chill out and get drunk together soon, schedule allowing.

We are choosing dates for Bex to fly out and see her friend M in Chicago. I'm excited for her for several reasons,
1: It'll be the first time that we ever take separate trips or spend time apart
2: Girl time for my girl! (bc I think she could use some)
3: I get the apartment all to myself... for maybe a week! So I'm def excited!

I got pretty buzzed off 3 beers and no food in me, so moments before going to my neighbors house, I told Bex about my story idea that I had. Suffice it to say that she thinks I'm living out my fantasies through this story. I'll elaborate more, later so I don't lose any steam while writing it. I also told her about my 'wanting my cake and eating it too'... so... there you go. I think we'll talk about it again, when we're ready... or drunk enough... or I've figured something else out.

I gotta get going because tonight is movie night, and I need to spend some time with my girl.

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