09 July 2010

random but fun

Yesterday I decided to call out of work, I had a beer and read a book. I'm actually re-read 'the bisexuals guide to the universe'. I find that it's fun and easy to read, so why not read it again? Bex is reading it now, but I think that it's scaring her more than making her understand me better. ;) lol it makes me laugh and die a little inside.

4 day weekend for this boy! I can't say that I don't feel guilty about calling out, but I haven't done anything for myself in a while... so they can suck it. Today I had the afternoon to myself. Bex had to work till midnight tonight so I had time and space to do whatever I want. I ended up cleaning the apartment, top to bottom... and then I hung out with Mr.V and his friend Ali. Mr.V was in my apartment complex, so I joined him in the apartment clubhouse before returning to my apartment.

Tomorrow night I'm going to go to scandals nightclub again. Bex's friend and her are going to spend the day shopping before meeting me there for some drinks and dancing. Maybe I'll get hit on again (I hope). I like the attention and I'm a whore for it, so... what better place for that ;).

I'm super horny! It's been far too long since I got laid so I'm going to jump on Bex when she gets home. Watching all this porn isn't helping either, it's just driving me insane! :) I hope to get laid tonight.

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