18 July 2010

walk walk fashion baby

Hi all! It's Sunday and I have the night off! Whoa hoo! Bex and I went out shopping today and I ended up buying some new shirts. I think I'm becoming addicted to shopping, since I do it so often. I managed to snap this picture in the Gap dressing room. I ended up buying it and two other shirts, so I'm both happy and set with shirts. I get excited though, at the store when I can find something that fits my personality and makes me look half way decent.

I knew that I wasn't the only one who felt so 'animalistic' when it comes to looking at guys. I'm not sure what it's about, but it's how I'm hard wired. I've always felt this way and now that I'm not repressing it, it makes me happy to feel the way that I do.

Tomorrow I have a double date planned with one of my friends and his new girlfriend. I'm not a big fan of double dates, but going out and meeting new people is always fun. I'm looking forward to it.

I saw this 20 something guy at the grocery store about two days ago. He had brown clean cut hair and a purple volcom shirt on. It fit him like a glove; his thin physic and muscular arms looked fantastic. He looked hott and was doing the self checkout. I didn't pay too much attention besides that because I did not want to be a weirdo and stare... and drool. It inspired me to step outside the box when it comes to shirt colors... and then I ended up buying a f*cking purple shirt. Yes, you can say that I copied mr. volcom.

I think I want to take a trip or do something different and spontaneous. I need to escape my normal reality into something dare I say... fantastic. If only I could keep up my lifestyle and do something like going to help clean up the gulf coast, or go whale spotting. I need a thrill. I need to take one of those self discovering trips that change the way you look at yourself and life. hmm... ;) I'll ponder on that one for tonight.

I'll ttyl guys, have a good night and I'll see ya tomorrow.

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