25 July 2010

The woods

Last night Bex was at work and I was at play. Mr. V invited me to a local dog park, I had nothing to do, so I reluctantly went. It was in a part of town I had never really driven through, but I went to hang out with my boy. It was already 9ish and getting dark and I finally found the place. This park was gorgeous, dark but gorgeous. I had never gone there before but I remember having a dream with the same scenery. Ok I'm going on and on. :D I finally met Mr. V's dog (his canine companion... not his cock) I had several hours to kill before picking Bex up from work, so we stayed in the park until it was soo dark I thought id get raped. Mr. V and I talked about boys by a moonlit river. All I could think about was how this park was perfect for a midnight blowjob... because its secluded, dark and kinda romantic.

I'm very glad that I can step outside of my box and do things that otherwise wouldn't do. It's perfect too bc Bex hates nature, so I can enjoy my park 'dates' with my friend.

Bex and I enjoyed today. I had not looked forward to staying in all day and watch movies, but after all the partying, I looked forward to it. We got a very yummy pre-made chicken ravioli in marsala sauce, some champagne, candles and some movies. We watched 'Operation: Endgame' and 'Eating out: All you can eat' and enjoyed both of them. 'OE' was fun and I really liked it, 'EO' was cute but extremely corny. Our little night in was perfect and I hope that it ends in... screwing!

The other day in the middle of the festival, when I was drunk I told bex... 'you know you gotta let me have some boy some time'. I was drunk and it felt right... kind of like throwing up when your drunk... just with word vomit. I elaborated today by telling her that what I meant was:

I don't feel like I'm missing out when it comes to the single scene and dating other people... but... If our relationship ever gets to the point where we play with others... or you let me play (BC I'm really interested in playing with a friend) that I wouldn't play with strangers, but maybe with a really good friend.

So that's my recent enlightenment. If our relationship ever got to where I could have a really good fb, then it would be... perfect. ? Whatever I'm not making sense anymore ; ) Ok I gotta go shower and hopefully :) Some good fun is in the future for me. wish me luck :)

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