26 August 2010

bag boy and sex toys

So here are some recent developments. Yesterday while out with Bex at the grocery store we noticed a bag boy pushing a shopping cart out the door as they usually do. I have noticed this bag boy before and he's 16-17 and I wondered whether he knew that he looked gorgeous. (He probably does and it's a bit of a turn off... but I'm vain and I can't complain) I'm babbling and making too much of it, but on the way out, he kind of checked me out. It made me smile and Bex definitely noticed. On our way out after we payed for our groceries we walked towards the exit and I made sure as I passed him to keep my eyes where I could see him (but not staring, like in my peripheral vision) and he looked again. Our eyes made contact so, I'm thinking that this is how most guys end up hooking up.... If that's what I was looking for. And well in this case... he'd be too young.

We came home and I cooked her some dinner while she made the next days meal ahead of time. We usually do a dance in the kitchen and it's nice to cook together, although sometimes I wanna kick her out of the kitchen. This boy can cook and we did end up having a nice hot meal... which eventually lead to some hot sex. Bex got me all hot and bothered and I like to think that I gave her a good time. I was a lot more assertive than usual and I think that she enjoyed seeing me that way.

Bex decided that she wants to buy a sex toy. She's looking for something longer and slightly thicker than me for in the bedroom. When she told me this there was a plethora of emotions and thoughts that went through my mind. I was surprised, astonished and impressed all at once. (I think she was trying to strike a chord with me somehow, but to no avail.)  I agree and jumped almost overly enthusiastically onto adameve.com. I know sexual needs...  (and what it is to have them) so if I'm not doing the job right, then we'll have something who can and I'm sure that it'll look really hot too. I think she brought it up after I mentioned some 'hotwife' blog.

Maybe Bex is sexually blooming? Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself ;) It's really early and I'm really excited to be awake. I think that I may hit the gym earlier and spend the rest of my day off with my girl. I'm hoping to get charged up, sweaty and maybe get some mid morning Bex. ;) Wish me luck!


  1. Please check out www.Dearlady.com

    They have better prices. I have shopped there for 5 years now.

  2. Wow, you have way more confidence than I would have had if my wife said she wanted something bigger. Then again, when I told her I wanted something more than vagina, that probably didn't feel great either. Would you be cool if she asked to be with other men?

  3. @PY Yeah I'll check out that site! Thanx
    @Ayren lol, thanks. I would be like ok, have sex with men... only if I can too and/or let me watch! Too bad that she has no interests in other men :( lol!

  4. Bex sounds like my women. She's the monogamous one and has no desire to be with another man, except me. Poor us!