20 August 2010

Bex MrV MrBlue

Hi all. Happy Friday! I've been working and hadn't been able to take a moment for myself to do anything. Bex and I went with some friends to eat at a wings place downtown. We had fun and being out with friends is always a good thing.

I'm learning/relearning how to enjoy my downtime with Bex, even if it means that we don't do anything. Today will be almost my only day off for a good while. We have planned to make a nice romantic meal for two and watch 'Me, Myself and Irene' later. I've been spending more time with Bex and showing her some more of the affection that she needs and deserves.

I was talking to her about how I enjoy spending time with Mr. V because I don't have many men in my life, and (besides all the regular stuff that is good about spending time with friends) I enjoy spending time with him because... (I feel) that it gives me some insight to who I am. All these years of telling myself that I wasn't bi/gay made me lose sight of who I was or what I want in life. Bex seems to be growing more and more uncomfortable with me being more comfortable with my 'gay' side. I think she's becoming more insecure... but I'm not sure. I don't think I'll ever be able to operate just being/acting straight/gay so, I think if she wants me, she's gonna have to have all of me.

Mr. Blue (the guy from work who wears all blue and has a body to die for and an ass like an apple) keeps kind of hanging around. He's mid to late 30's (I think) and he looks like this (kind of). I've never said two word to him (because it would just be weird, we're never in the same group of people or room for that matter.) Any who he keeps hanging around and it makes me curious to think that he wants to say something to me. (Probably "STOP STARRING!")

I read this survey on bisexual men and it made me feel better and a little more normal. It's just some unofficial facts about the men who took the survey. I know there are a lot of us out there, but often amonst friends or at the gay bar... I feel alone.

Oh and before I go, my blog looks a little bland right now and that's bc I want to reinvent my blog to better suite me. Also I'm tired of being just another blah-og. So changes may be coming soon... who the hell knows ;)

I will ttyl :) Have a good weekend.


  1. I think you changed the theme. Anyhow, site is looking good.

  2. @Ayren@TNB thanx ;) I look forward to watching that video on TNB