29 August 2010

billy and my wife

I'm feeling incredibly horny right now. I've gotten little sleep and I was excited and full of energy a few minutes ago and now I'm gasping for coffee. I'll be ok but this feeling of horniness is consuming me. I woke up and went online to do whatever... I ended up reading some 'erotica' by accident, but none the less I enjoyed it.

I'm becoming a shoephile. I realized the other day while on Varsitymale.com that I really enjoy the pictures of guys that are wearing shoes, as well as shopping for mens shoes. The last time that I bought some shoes, it took me forever to decide (I'm talking weeks of shoe shopping) just looking for the right pair. The shoes that I bought from Aldoshoes.com are gonna come in the mail (Hopefully tomorrow!). I shopped that store in Las Vegas when I vacationed there last may and I fell in love with their shoes. I'll post up some pictures of me in my shoes asap.

Bex told me (but forewarned me not to get excited or to read into what she's saying) that she thinks the thought of me being with a guy is 'hot'. She told me rather reluctantly so, but I just can't help but smile and become turned on. I know she still doesn't want to share me whatsoever, but I think that sometimes... just maybe sometimes she imagines me going down on a hunk or being taken. (In my dreams ;) )

We still haven't been cock shopping online yet, unless she has and hasn't told me. I asked her if she was gonna name her new toy, she said 'billy'. Don't get me wrong Billy is a cute name but I thought she was gonna go for a stereotypical macho stud name like 'butch' 'spike' or 'Krull the Warrior King' (lol). Do I have a name for my sex toys? No I don't. I have names for my crushes, nicknames for Bex, my penis has a name... but not my sex toys. I think I'll spend the rest of the day imagining some hunk to pin the cock to. (was that a weird sentence?)

Today we get to play the straight 'normal' couple. We're going to a neighbors cook out and I'm pretty sure they're wanting to get to know us better. I've been sober and plan to stay that way even if alcohol is flowing. Hopefully being sober will keep me from flirting with everyone and seem a little less creepy. (Bex told me that I have tendency to hit on all of her girlfriends) so I'll make sure to focus soley on her. I hope there's some good food because I am freaking starving. I gotta go... I'm hungry. ttfn.


  1. I'm a lover of shoes as well and it takes equally as long for me to find a pair I want to sport. LOL. I love women's shoes too which is hilarious. Something about a woman is some nice hills sends me overboard.

    I remember one drunken night out, my wife and I were chatting with this guy. We decided to share a three way kiss. Since, I only fantasize about a threeway (though I'm not sure I really want one).

  2. Same here... I go gaga over heels (In the I love heels but would be turned off if I ever wore them) kind of way.

  3. Did you know that you can buy toys, lube, etc. at Amazon? Check it out.

  4. LOL. I'd look horrible in hills. I have no desire to ever wear female clothes or shoes. Just like to out my women in them.