23 August 2010

down and dirty

I started to title this post 'monday madness' and I'm not entirely sure why. It's Monday and my week will be consumed with work. It's really bizarre but I'm looking forward to all the work and being kept busy.

Yesterday Bex went out with Ash for their Sunday morning ritual of lunch, shopping and a movie. They saw the movie 'Dinner for schmucks' and surprised me by bringing home food. I'm quite happy that Bex has a little girls day out routine with Ash. I had planned to call Mr. V to see what he was up to and possibly go out with him, but to my surprise I found Mr. V was in Florida! It is insanely awesome to travel, especially when it's on a whim, so kudos to him.

Bex and I are becoming old! Well I just feel old and yesterdays actions didn't help much either. After Ash left we headed to the grocery store. Bex grabbed a bottle of wine and I grabbed a bottle of champagne (bc it is the shit!). We settled down and we each had a bottle of wine for the night. Oh and we screwed like bunnies too. How could I forget that?!

The last time that we had sex (before this last time) it was a 4 on the 10 scale. I had 'performance' issues and I couldn't get it up, mainly because I was depressed that day and didn't want to be fucking anyone. I had to make up for that. Last night, Bex made it all about me (which I LOVE! and generally doesn't happen.) She started in the living room giving me a nice long bj, then we headed into the bedroom for everything else. We ended up trying out a new position which just rocked her world. (She wasn't able to cum, but I think it's bc of the alcohol.) Yes, I'll just tell myself it was bc of the alcohol. I'm in her sexual debt, I owe her a good time.

Ok flash forward to today. She's at work right now and in 6 hours I will be as well. I'm gonna spruce up the apartment, (bc after last night, it's in shambles) then I'm gonna go hit the gym that I've been avoiding. Hopefully I can round out my day by cooking and picking Bex up from work. I'm gonna toot my own horn and say that I'm a good husband ;) With that, I gotta go and sweat and exhaust myself. ttfn :D

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