15 August 2010

( ✓ ) Hetero-flexible

Good morning guys :D It's 1:30 here so not really good morning, but good afternoon! Today I woke up too early but I'm in good spirits and fighting through the drowsiness.

I'm really proud to be bisexual. Some days I wake up being just happy and proud of being dually attracted to men and women and just being me. I like walking around work and just being (in general)... not quite straight, but also not being 100% gay. I feel like I get to be who I want to be and do what feels right. I believe if I had been honest with myself a little earlier (like in middle school or high school) that I would have skipped a lot of issues and dealt with them sooner. I feel a little more free and sort of at peace when it comes to my sexuality, now I just need to work on being more emotionally balanced. :D

The last time I got drunk and I was at the gay bar, I was talking to a girl who was talking to me about her girlfriend. I don't know how we got on the topic of bisexuality (I was drunk so I don't remember) but I said something along the lines of "I like being bi  because I can fuck that hot girl over there and then I can fucking dress her." (Playing the whole 'gays know fashion' card) I elicited a laugh, but I was serious ;) I like being in the gray area where you question whether or not I'm gay or just being an opportunist.

I should really go to the gym today and I think that I just may go. I'm noticing my body change little by little and soon I'll be unstoppable! (If my damn laziness doesn't inhibit me.) I'm shooting for a body like this. (NSFW!) I hate to think what a killer body mixed with narcissism and emotional issues lands you, so I'll work on being less self involved while working out ;) and maybe I have a fighting chance to not become a massive man whore :) (Just a little man whore, that's a-ok in my book ;) )


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  2. I almost didn't recognize the site. It's been awhile since I've visited since I usually get you in Google Reader. Anyhow, wanted to let you know someone is reading and you might like this video from The New Bisexual (I know it's been awhile):