08 August 2010

Me sunday

Today is Bex free Sunday. I'll try not to sound to enthusiastic bc I will miss her, but today she will be hanging out with her gf downtown.

I woke up today without really having a plan of action. I knew that having gone to bed depressed warranted me kicking my own ass at the gym in the morning. So first thing this morning after coffee... to the gym I will head. My old supervisor (the awesome one, then she got fired) invited me to a softball game. I haven't seen her since march so I'm ecstatic and I can't wait. Then last but not least, Mr.V and I will probably go to the dog park from last time. So if my plans don't change, my day is filled with me time, friend time, and driving myself around.

Last night Bex and I watched 'Date Night' and ate popcorn on our couch. It was a nice night in. I admitted to Bex last night before we fell asleep that I had a void in my life and that it causes me great unhappiness. I remember being a really happy person at some time or another but recently I've become an ass. So kick my ass I will in the gym and hopefully the endorphines will do something for me. I need to get laid too! Omfg do I need to get laid.

This blog post is very sporadic as I'm trying to beat my coffee pot. I think my coffee's done so I'll ttyl :) I'm going to pump some 'iron'.

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