05 August 2010

two little words

I got two words for you. These two words intrigue me and makes most couples cringe. No it's not anal play or glory holes... it's 'Negotiated Infidelity'. I've heard this over and over the last couple of weeks and I believe that Ryan Seacrest was talking about it the other day too. To be honest I find it refreshingly interesting to see couples who relationship is 'open' enough to be able to negotiate these kinds of things. What's your stance on negotiated infidelity?

I wanted to bring something up to you guys as well... I've spoken to a couple of bloggers and friends and I've heard this phrase many many times... (and I quote Aaron, whom was the last person that said this...)

"I wouldn't like the thought of sharing my partner with someone." 

Bex has told me this too. I don't understand the feeling of 'not being able to share'. I think if Bex decided to see other men, I think that I'd be jealous, but not overly jealous. (Not enough for me to not allow it.) Maybe it's because I'm not in the situation, but I feel like maybe I would take it in stride. (Maybe I'm just crazy like that.) Do you find it easy to share or is impossible for you to share? What makes the difference?

Remember... sharing is caring :D (sorry I had to say it.) (I often wonder how Dude finds himself in these relationships with people who will let him be shared, after all he has a girlfriend and a boy toy whom he is with in bliss. Oh that mans blog posts leave me speechless sometimes!)

Tonight I'm spending the night with Bex. We bought some beers, rented some movies, and hopefully have some post makeup-makeup sex. We went out today to go to a little burger place called 'cook out' and got some burgers, fries and milk shakes. It was a fun little date that ended with me talking about having sex in the car in some secluded place. xD me and my fantasies.

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